Institute Jazon, Etri Community in cooperation with Cooperative Allium

The development of complementary activities on the farm has been gaining in importance in recent years. For a farm that does not achieve a satisfactory income from existing production, the ancillary activity helps to provide an additional source of income, making use of available human skills, natural conditions, available premises, forest and agricultural products and available equipment. At the same time, it requires greater organization, more planning, clear setting of goals, mission and vision, as well as a good knowledge of the market and potential target customers.

The aim of the project is to extend the range of possible activities on farms to activities related to social inclusion, community-supported agriculture and environmental and food education. We will achieve this by linking the activities of some companies operating in this field and farms that would like to carry out these activities on a trial basis. As part of the project, farms will gain knowledge that could lead to the creation of a new job on the farm.

The project is funded by:

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 2014-2020 (EAFRD) – 80%

Budget of the Republic of Slovenia – 20%

Project duration:

24 months: July 2018-July 2020

Project value: € 43,000

Project goals:

to examine and test new possibilities for complementary activities on the farm in connection with social enterprises,

to educate farmers and employees in the social enterprise so that they will be able to independently carry out the necessary activities for the supplementary activity,

create at least one job on the farm,

intergenerational cooperation,

create a product that will contribute to improving the financial situation on the farm,

to inform other farms and social enterprises about the results of the project,

identify the necessary changes in the field of legislation that would allow or. facilitate the development of new forms of complementary activity on the farm,

we will conduct an external evaluation to confirm our work.

Project partners:

Jason Institute

Institute of Green Practice

Allium z.o.o., so.p.- farm

Kršinar Marjan Farm